Carbon fibre

A multi-tiered process

The creation of an article made from carbon fibre and/or any other composite material entails a complex process, which must be carefully analysed prior to starting production. But there’s another key factor as well: experience and skill in handling composite materials. Having excellent skills in handling them will allow you to tackle any variables and critical issues that may arise during the course of the entire process.

The challenge of carbon

The ability to control and develop the process on the one hand, and the manual skill to work and shape the composite materials on the other: mastery of carbon fibre requires a perfect combination of analytical and design skills, as well as the essential craftsmanship skills necessary to handle these types of materials.
That’s the never-ending challenge of carbon, which we at Teca25 face each day, learning from our mistakes and re-evaluating ourselves in pursuit of continuous improvement.


Thanks to a modern layout digitizer, a high-performance plotter for cutting carbon and other fibres, and a dedicated autoclave, Teca25 has succeeded in consolidating its production of articles in carbon and composite materials. The products range from drivers’ and mechanics’ helmet shells for Formula 1 and other categories, helmet shells for racing, skiing and other high velocity sports, besides structural and aesthetic components for automotive industry. Each type of product is based on specific needs, is produced in limited numbers, and has a high degree of technical content. via Lago Trasimeno, 25 36015 Schio (VI) - Italia +39 0445 1921007