Core Business

Core Business

The main activities through which Teca25 develops its core business:

  • design of helmet interiors (for racing and other dynamic sports) and helmet cover bags
  • study and design of mechanisms, special items, rigid parts for helmet and other articles
  • production of carbon helmet shells
  • production of accessories, components and special parts made of carbon and/or other composite materials.


Starting from the initial idea, Teca25 is able to develop a customized project to create a new product: from design concept to industrialization and final delivery.

Teca25 is the ideal partner to create products characterized by high quality standards, obtained through a service focused on customer needs and functional characteristics of the requested items.

System management

Teca25 offers an all-inclusive service characterized by an integrated management system determining any process criticality, reducing downtime and losses.
The strengths of such system are evident:

  • autonomy during project advancement, starting from the approval of the customer
  • financial support and financing for customers during project development
  • customization options for each product
  • coordination of all functions and activities
  • optimization of procedures and execution times
  • timely execution
  • quality checks and continuous on-site training
  • total customer support pre-, during and post-project. via Lago Trasimeno, 25 36015 Schio (VI) - Italia +39 0445 1921007