Helmet interiors

"Invisible" but essential

Shapes and materials used for helmet interiors are not the first thing people observe, too often in fact they are not even considered. People usually pay a lot of attention, and reasonably so, to external parts, such as the colours and lines on the outer shell.
Nevertheless the inside, although hidden and less visible, is that part of a helmet which is most in contact with the face and head of its user, thus constituting an essential part of this item. Such part should be given the same consideration as its external features.
Therefore, when evaluating a helmet, in addition to its shape and look, it is necessary to consider and evaluate interiors too, which are less visible but not less important.

Synonym for

An excellent helmet interior is synonym for…

In cheap helmets the first cost cutting concerns linings, therefore high-quality interiors are synonym of high-quality helmets.

The comfort and pleasure to wear a helmet are given by its internal parts: if it is not comfortable, where is the pleasure indeed?

Comfort results in increased focus on driving.

The choice of fabrics, pads, colours and types of components to be assembled is the result of a meticulous and thoughtful work.

Care for details
A stitching in the wrong place can be as annoying as a stone in your shoe.

You need to get to the essence of things.


Features to look for in a helmet interior.

The kind of materials used in direct contact with face and head: soft, pleasant to the touch and allowing skin and head to breathe.

Hygiene and freshness
The type of fabrics used, i.e. bacteriostatic or specifically treated in order to ensure hygiene and freshness.

Focus on details determining a better and easier fit:

  • internal pads and liners designed to allow proper ventilation
  • choice of optimal shapes and materials for the sensitive chin area  
  • housing for spectacle rods (for those who need prescription glasses).

Convenient and washable
Fully removable and easily washable interiors guarantee convenience and hygiene.

Design and sustainability
Helmet interiors must be comfortable and aesthetically pleasant. In addition to this, use of recycled quality materials helps sustainability.     

Global quality
Focus on innovative materials, care and attention for the choice of fabrics, pads, components, colours and details are all signs of helmet interiors which have been accurately designed

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