Research & Development


In 2015 Teca25 patented the first seamless helmet interior: thanks to an innovative technology, the padding is able to be produced with no need for manual or automatic seams or any other complex production operations, with all the advantages that this entails:

  • improved modularity of the helmet’s interior
  • decreased weight of each helmet interior (no use of seams)
  • superior performance in terms of breathability and ventilation (no use of glues or solvents)
  • improved aesthetics thanks to the greater precision of each component.

This new technology’s strength lies in its ability to simplify a slow and complex process, while at the same time reducing the margins of error.


The Teca25 composite division in Bassano del Grappa boasts over thirty years of know-how in the field of carbon and composite fibres; this vast experience is bolstered by the team’s dynamic, original, and open-minded approach, as well as its infectious enthusiasm.
It’s a division that arose from this combination: a laboratory-workshop dedicated to limited production batches with a high degree of technical content, inspired by the demand for research, development and innovation that underlies the Teca25 philosophy.


The Teca25 offices in Schio are home to IdeoTeca: a veritable hotbed and archive of ideas and projects, fully-equipped and regularly updated in order to allow free rein for the team’s inventiveness. Among other equipment, the IdeoTeca unit uses a laser cutting plotter and a 3D printer of the latest generation, which are essential for carrying out Teca25’s entire conception, design and pre-production cycle.
The IdeoTeca unit is the place where ideas are brought to life; where concepts are transformed into objects; where the transition from the abstract to the concrete is facilitated and expedited; where the intangible becomes tangible... and where there’s sometimes an overwhelming sense of confusion! But then again we all know that creative genius requires at least a little eccentricity... via Lago Trasimeno, 25 36015 Schio (VI) - Italia +39 0445 1921007