About us


A dynamic and open-minded attitude, commitment and personal challenges are innate in Teca25.
We are enthusiast about what we do. We observe what is around us with curiosity. We try to combine and find a balance between aspects that are apparently distant from each other. We like what we do. We approach things with modesty, trying to understand and master them; only after deep study and research, we work them out. We take on each project free from prejudices and preconceived ideas, with the objective of obtaining adequate and brilliant solutions.

Key Figures

We would like to share some figures with you in order to offer a glimpse into our activities, thereby providing several alternative points of view.

2 = the number of Teca25 locations, one in Schio (the headquarters and planning centre) and one in Bassano del Grappa (the composite division)

2,500,000 = the number of articles for helmet interiors produced each year

850,000 = the number of metres of ribbon cut each year

600,000 = the number of helmet cover bags produced each year

319,500 = the number of metres of fabrics purchased each year

1,000 = the number of kilogrammes of carbon fibre processed each year

38 = the number of helmet interior models designed to date

35 = the number of 1:2 scale models of replica helmets developed to date.

Why "Teca25"

tèca → theca n. [from Latin “theca”, Greek. ϑήκη «closet, storage, casket», similar to τίϑημι «store, put»] 1. – Case, cabinet for holding rare or valuable objects. Cabinet, Case, Ark, Wrapper, Capsule. 2. – Second group of entries from Greek (bibliotheca...) or formed in modern times according to the Greek model (discotheque...), always with a generic meaning of storage (hence, collection, file), custody, deposit box and similar.

- Teca is a container holding a valuable object. Its function is to "wrap" and protect the object held, besides conferring further value to its content. A helmet, like other sport equipment, is like a case containing something extremely precious: the head of its user. 

- In biology, teca indicates a shell or, more generally, a coating wrapped around a whole organ or entire organisms with the aim of protecting them. Just like the helmet interiors and protective/containing objects we manufacture for sport and leisure activities.  

- In terms such as “biblioteca” (library-bibliotheca) or “cineteca” (film library), the suffix teca evokes concepts of collection, experience, deposit, holding, suggesting operating procedures based on experience acquired, precision, systematicity and methods. Just like all collections of materials, fabrics, sketches, technical drawings, which are our company’s assets and business distinctive elements.

- Our offices are housed in a square building resembling the shape of a teca, a container for all our planning and R&D activities. The building is located at number 25.

Hence the name Teca25.

http://www.teca25.it/theme/teca/images/teca25.png via Lago Trasimeno, 25 36015 Schio (VI) - Italia info@teca25.it +39 0445 1921007